Tuxedo – Tuxedo

When I first came across Tuxedo I was doing what most DJs, bloggers, and music enthusiasts do. I was digging through Soundcloud massive collection of popular songs, remixes, and downright frightening sounds to find that hidden gem. It was my luck that I just happen to come across Tuxedo’s Number One. It was a blessing in disguise as their debut album is just on the horizon. The creative duo made up of Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne will release their album “Tuxedo” on March 3rd and it already has me looking for bell bottoms, platform shoes, and a night of disco. If you’ve been looking for that perfect collection of funk, soul, and disco that has been missing from your pre-party then look no further. Enjoy their video for Do It then head over to NPR as their full album is available for streaming as of this morning.


Tuxedo – “Tuxedo”
Available for pre-order:
Stones Throw


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