Sunday Music Buffet

Normally Sunday is seen as the day to relax. Catch up on that needed sleep you missed, indulging in delicious brunch, and preparing for another week ahead.  That might not be the case when it comes to music. Tonight it’s all about stuffing your ears with as much music as you can handle.

Dish number 1 is Toronto’s Badbadnotgood. Performing this week at SXSW they unveiled a great B-side track called Boogie No. 69.

Dish number 2 features Moderator with his song Harlem River. This 22 year old Greek producer will have you asking “please sir may I have some more?”.

The artist for dish number 3 has the perfect name for this music buffet. Potatohead People’s track Explosives feat. Illa J & Moka Only showcases the perfect blend of talented artists.


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