Life Is

A friend asked me earlier this week how I found the time to write about music in between the daily routine. At first it was the direct response about managing time and digging for music. However, after taking 5 minutes to think of a realistic answer I explained that each post has been about publishing music that we feel a connection to. Not only can a song have direct impact on a persons life but a collection of songs can describe it in it’s entirety. Life is a mixtape.

First mixtape comes from Phi Unit and Cousin Cole. Genuinely great dudes who do great work. The third volume in their So Emotional series is another one to add to your life’s soundtrack.

In life we all go through phases. Lane 8 gives you the exact same in the form of his Spring 2015 Mixtape. 3 hours of free music for you to listen to while you work, relax, or even while you’re creating something of your own. Life is beautiful.

Random web searches for music with soul should automatically point you at the crew of Moving Castle. Every track leaves you with an urge to call your loved ones to tell them you care. A group you won’t want to miss when they hit the SXSW stage this Saturday.


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