Life Is

Another long weekend will be upon us within a couple of days. For many this long weekend includes trips to see family and friends that we only get to see once or twice a year. For others its the best time to get away and visit somewhere new. Road trips can be boring without the proper selection of music to match your adventure. Mixtapes can be the golden idol to your Indiana Jones adventure.

The duo behind A Digital Needle released their newest mixtape just to give you a sample of what to expect from their monthly disco night with Cyclist and guests. The Beam Me Up monthly event is one you will not want to miss if you’re in the Toronto area. Your speakers will love you for listening to this mix.

If you’re a fan of Dirtybird records then you already know that Kill Frenzy and J.Phlip hold nothing back from their performances. You can now listen to their back to back set performance from Igloofest. It may have been a cold night in Montreal but the dance floor would have been burning up with these two on the decks.

The only way you don’t know the name of DJ Jazzy Jeff is if you’ve been locked away in a bunker like Kimmy Schmidt. He doesn’t need any introductions. Grab his Beyond Wonderland Mix for your long weekend road trip.


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