The Alchemist & Oh No – Welcome To Los Santos

With the release of GTA V for PC it’s hard to ignore the video game that has had everyone reaching for a controller since September 2013. The detailed story, the online multiplayer, and now the most recent addition of online heists allows players to fully immerse themselves into the world of Los Santos. The music available to the gamer is no different. Over 200 licensed tracks on separate music stations, it’s hard not to be driving down Verona Beach in a Lampadati Furore GT while listening to Eddie Murphy’s Party All The Time.

While GTA V continues to inspire gamers and content creators it has even inspired two artists to continue their musical journey. The Alchemist and On No have produced a great addition to the GTA V music series that all fans should make sure not to miss. That is unless you want creepy uncle Lester knocking on your door. Welcome to Paradise.

Listen now on NPR


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