Life Is

Nothing is more difficult on the weekend than finding the right groove to start you off. Whether you’re hosting a party, going away for the weekend, or just looking to enjoy a nice round of golf in GTA V, we’ve compiled another list of mixtapes ready to be enjoyed.

We have long been fans of house music producer UMEK. A radio show since 2011, his Behind The Iron Curtain podcast gives listeners a weekly glimpse into what his own USB music folder may look like.

If the last mixtape wasn’t your cup of tea then the latest mixtape from Detroit Swindle is your glass of Singapore Sling. Created for Discobelle’s Mix series, this mixtape has all the makings of a Friday night of disco infused with Harvey Wallbangers and wildflowers.

It’s May 1st and we are all looking for a little more sunshine in our days. The new mixtape from Soundbigg has us all dreaming of laying in a hammock by the beach. Grab some coconut water and let the sunshine in.


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