DKSTR – Pako Original Soundtrack

While scanning the Google Play store this weekend looking for a quick game to kill a few minutes of my time, I was suggested a handful of “games with great audio”. Immediately the game Pako caught my attention. An 8-bit car chase highscore hunt type of mobile game. Thinking that this would fill a spare 10 minutes, I ultimately stumbled down the rabbit hole.

The Pako OST from DKSTR is wonderfully produced electronic music that adds the perfect jolt of electricity to your gaming experience. It’s exactly what you’d want on your radio as your speeding around the mall parking lot, doing donuts in suburbia, or avoiding zombies in your local cemetery. DKSTR delights your auditory senses as you concentrate on Pako’s visuals. Move over Drive soundtrack, this week it’s all about DKSTR.

Mobile game available now:
App Store | Google Play | Windows Phone Store


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