Keep Shelly In Athens – Now I’m Ready

It is election day in Canada and millions of citizens are lining up across the country to cast their vote. Debates are done and campaigns have been run. After all is said and done Canada may have a new Prime Minister. If you’re looking for something to clear your head and start fresh after 78 days of Canadian election debate then look no further than the new album, Now I’m Ready, from Greek duo Keep Shelly In Athens.

Now I’m Ready is an 8 track album of dreamy alternative music made for your Monday evening. Spanning across genres each track will appeal to every playlist you have created on your favorite music streaming service. Whether it is your early morning playlist right before work, or your mid afternoon get your energy back up playlist, or your late night want to impress someone new playlist, each track will find a new place in your heart and on your music shelf.

Now I’m Ready available via Bandcamp in digital, CD, and vinyl formats

Keep Shelly In Athens North American Tour kicks off October 31 in Washington DC.
Click for more details


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