Zackey Force Funk – Chrome Steel Tiger

There was a time and place when you could easily turn on AM radio to hear the latest music. It is hard to account for the numerous hours spent listening with your fingers on the record/play/pause buttons waiting for something new.  Now all it takes is some digging around the Internet for you to uncover the right amount of funk missing from your day.

9 tracks of funk and boogie from Zackey Force Funk reminding you of the first time Grandmaster Flash was unleashed on your eardrums. Beginning your travel through funk and time with Can’t Buy My Love L.A. as a magical starting point, you easily land with On The 1 (feat. Egyptian Lover & Brian Ellis) as your top pick. Slowing down the tempo you’re ready to embrace a lover as RND1 and I Can’t Breathe take you the rest of the way home. Chrome Steel Tiger is perfectly arranged to get you ready to dance all night before getting lost in your lover’s eyes early into the morning.

Chrome Steel Tiger now available on vinyl, cassette, and digital from Bandcamp


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