Shit Robot – OB-8 / Torpedo

Ahead of the release of a new album in Spring 2016, Shit Robot fires out a warning to the clubs with a new two-tracker: ‘OB-8’ b/w ‘Torpedo’.

The A-side is a loon-leaning hypno-house chugger in the classic Robot style, while the flip is a bottom-heavy update on that wild pitch sound: the eagle-eared among you will remember it from his appearance on Beats in Space earlier this year.

Now available on Bandcamp




And yes I do realize I copied and pasted the text above from Bandcamp. It’s an experiment. I applaud you if you read this far down. If you’re looking for 2 mesmerizing tracks that will definitely make it to the top of many DJs crates then look no further. OB-8, which we can all assume is inspired by the Star Wars droid BB8, is hypnotic and friendly like every robot should be. On the flipside you have Torpedo with a deep bass line made for sweaty nights inside the dance club surrounded by beautiful people. The weekend can’t come soon enough. 

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