Arthur Wimble – Hearts EP

Today marks the first day of the sixth month in the calendar. For many today marks no special significance.  However, for the writer it can mark the start of something new. No more waiting for things to work themselves out. No more waiting for someone to discover your talents. It’s time to write. Sincerest apologies for those who’ve missed all this beautiful music.

Finding that inspiration in other art forms is not a hard concept to grasp. The difficulty lies in piecing together the appropriate words to describe those sentiments. Piecing together how Arthur Wimble’s new EP, entitled Hearts, makes you feel can take some time. It is a process of looking deep inside yourself as the lyrics of It Breaks and Hearts etch themselves onto your soul. As painful as heartbreaks can be, many things of beauty tend to emerge in the aftermath. Arthur Wimble’s Hearts will resonate with broken hearts past and present.

Now available for pre-order from Bandcamp


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